How to Record a YuJa Video within D2L as Course Instructor

It is best practice to run a test recording session to ensure your settings/devices are working properly prior to recording your lecture/ lesson.

1. Navigate to Tools on your D2L course homepage and click on YuJa.

If you do not find YuJa on your course home page, follow the instructions here to add YuJa to your course home page Adding YuJa to D2L Nav Bar

2. On the opened YuJa page, click on Create Recording.

NOTE: If Yuja is not installed, follow the instructions here Installing Yuja Video Capture

3.The YuJa Software Station will open and you will be now able to create a recording.

Depending if you are working on a Mac or PC, the software interface will look slightly different. Follow the instructions below in order to create a recording on your computer:

Create a Video on a Mac

Create a Video on a PC

4. Once you have finished and saved your recording, find your video on your D2L YuJa page.

Note: Yuja Videos are only stored on the YuJa cloud. They are not stored on your computer (locally). They can be downloaded from the cloud.

It may take a couple of minutes for your YuJa video to show up under My Media on your D2L YuJa page. You would usually get an email to your University of Calgary email address after the video has been processed.

Video 1 is still being processed and video 2 is an example of a complete uploaded video. After the video has been uploaded, you can, share, edit, download the video, add some sharing restrictions and move videos in folders.

Click here for instructions on how to add this YuJa video to the Content section of your D2L course.

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