Adding Interactivity to your YuJa Videos to Increase Engagement

Editing Video Indexes (Chapters)

The YuJa Editor supports adding/ editing Indexes (VIdeo Chapters) associated with the media. This is especially useful for longer recordings. Indexes are like bookmarks that allow viewers to quickly skip to a particular section of the video.

Commenting in the Media Player

Commenting allows content creators and viewers to interact by sharing comments and questions. You may also provide additional clarification and links to other webpages.

Video Quizzes

YuJa Quizzes offer a way to assess learning, encourage interaction and to measure understanding of the video content. At this time, we recommend using this feature to build informal, self-directed study modules and not as a tool to formally grade student performance. For high-stakes tests, please consider using the Quizzes tool in D2L (Brightspace) instead.


The YuJa Media Player allows viewers to add and download Notes. Notes are private and in order for the user to be able to retrieve their own notes, the content owner must either enforce Platform (Single Sign On) Authentication for the link or embed the video in a D2L course.