Starting an instant meeting (Direct zoom access only)

You can host a meeting that starts instantly and you can invite others to join this meeting at any time. There are two ways to start an instant meeting.

Using “Host a Meeting”

You can start an instant meeting by selecting Host a Meeting item in the menu bar.

Once the Zoom application is launched, the invitation link will be displayed in the window.

Note: The instant meeting link created using this method will expire as soon as the meeting has ended and cannot be reused.

Using Personal Meeting ID

The personal meeting ID is a unique meeting room permanently reserved for you. You can use this ID to start an instant meeting. Your personal meeting ID is ideal for use with people you regularly meet, as the link can be reused.

To start an instant meeting using the personal meeting ID, go to Meetings > Personal Meeting Room > Start Meeting. Your personal meeting URL can be found on the page as well.

For more information about Personal Meeting ID, go to