Recommended settings for Zoom meetings

We are requesting that the host utilizes the Waiting Room function and uses Passcode protection for all Zoom meetings to limit unwelcome intrusions such as Zoom Bombing.  We have adjusted our settings to ensure the best security possible with this tool and are providing feedback to Zoom to improve security features in future releases.

In the left sidebar, click Settings. Then click Meeting.

In the Meeting pane, select the options that best fit your teaching style and course format. Please note that these settings are recommended to optimize privacy. The following options are recommended:

  • Host Video: Off
  • Participants video: Off
    • Smaller classes or discussion classes may consider turning this On.
  • Join before host: Off
  • Use Personal Meeting ID when scheduling a meeting: Off
    • You will get a different URL for each meeting.
  • Use Personal Meeting ID when starting an instant message: Off
  • Require a passcode when scheduling new meetings: On
    • Users will need to enter this passcode to join the meeting
  • Mute participants upon entry: On
    • If this setting is turned off, background noise will be disruptive
  • Chat: On
  • Co-Host: On
  • Polling: On
  • Always show meeting control toolbar: On
  • Allow host to put attendee on hold: On
  • Screen sharing: On
    • Who can share: Host Only
  • Annotation: On
  • Whiteboard: On
  • Breakout Room: On
  • Waiting Room: On
    • allows the meeting host to control when a participant joins the meeting
  • Group HD Video: Off
  • Virtual Background: Optional (See system requirements)