Kritik is a peer-grading platform where students can give and receive feedback on their work. Students can also post questions to their class if they need clarification on material and have discussions around course content.

Kritik allows students to interact with course material beyond just textbooks and lectures. Through, dynamic conversations and engaging online environments, students develop a deeper understanding of course concepts.

From the Kritik website

Types of uses

  • peer feedback
  • customized rubrics
  • team-based learning
  • peer review new course materials

What it looks like

Important information and tips

About this tool

Name: Kritik
Vendor: Kritik, Inc.
Cost: Limited Free Access – Selected Units Possess Licenses
Status: third-party platform.

Approved for:

Level 1 Data: Public

Public is defined as:

  • Information deemed to be public by legislation and/or under University policy
  • Information in the public domain

Examples include:

  • names of employees and
    • business contact information
    • job profile
    • salary range
    • discretional benefits
    • relevant education
  • names of registered students and
    • dates of registration
    • program of registration
    • degree awarded
    • convocation date
  • annual reports
  • public announcements
  • telephone directory
  • published research data
Level 2 Data: Internal Use

Internal Use is defined as:

  • Information not approved for general circulation outside the University
  • Information the disclosure or loss of which would inconvenience the University although it would unlikely result in financial loss or reputational damage

Examples of this include:

  • internal memos sent to all members of a department
  • minutes of department meetings that are circulated to all members of a department
  • unpublished research data
  • anonymized or de-identified human subject data
  • library transactions and journals

Support available: From vendor – Kritik Help Centre

Software license: Commercial, proprietary

Hosting: Servers hosted by vendor