Below are a few things that you may find helpful at the beginning of the semester:

Logging inWritten instructions
Basic navigation in D2LWritten instructionsVideo
How to make your course "active"Written instructionsVideo
How to add content to your courseWritten instructionsVideo
How to send an email to your classWritten instructionsVideo
How to enroll a TA in your courseWritten instructionsVideo
How to change or remove a course bannerWritten instructions

  1. Sign up for workshops available through the Taylor Institute of Teaching and Learning, Educational Development Unit
  2. Check out the D2L section on this website or refer to the Semester Start Toolkit provided by D2L
  3. Technical assistance is available from Information Technologies at 403-220-5555, by email at, or in person on the 7th floor of Math Sciences. The IT Support Centre offers Extended Hours at Semester Start (Fall & Winter only)

If you are new to D2L, need a refresher, or simply want to do more with D2L, click on these great resources:



Download this graphic as a PDF.