Workshop: D2L Essentials

To sign up for the D2L Essentials course offered by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, please visit

Course Description

Learn how to effectively use D2L (Brightspace), our university’s learning management system.

If you are comfortable learning on your own, or just need the basics to get your D2L course up and running, please take a look at the resources on this page:

If you prefer a classroom learning environment, we still encourage you to review those tutorials and spend a few minutes exploring D2L before the session. This would allow us to maximize time spent in the course, address any questions and cover more advanced features, if there is interest.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Navigate the D2L (Brightspace) Learning Environment
  • Add content, create learning activities and assessment items in your course
  • Utilize various communication tools within D2L

Below is the recording of a previous workshop should you choose to watch it on-demand.

Click on the Sidebar icon when watching the video to access more resources.