YuJa video link broken in D2L?


If you have embedded YuJa videos in one D2L course and would like to have them copied over to another site, please ensure you are choosing the Copy All Components option when performing the copy. If you choose Select Components and only pick items under Content, you will likely end up with broken links or an error message that looks like this in the new course:


To fix the issue, there are 2 options:

  1. Perform another course copy, but select Copy All Components this time. Remove any duplicates or items you do not need from the new course after.

  2. If you do not wish to Copy All Components, then contact UService (IT) and request to have your role in the old and new courses temporarily changed to Instructor LTI. After that, perform a course copy again using the Select Components option. This time, ensure you select items under Content AND External Learning Tools Links as your YuJa videos are associated with both of those components. Confirm that the videos are accessible in the new course and remove any duplicated content or broken links from before, if necessary.