Information regarding Adobe Connect Meeting and Adobe Connect Presenter

The University of Calgary has introduced new tools, like Zoom, to make connecting online easier. The university will no longer be supporting Adobe Connect Meeting and Adobe Connect Presenter. 

What does this mean for you?  

All Adobe Connect content including meetings and recordings on (including Online Room Archives captured in D2L courses) and presentations hosted on will be inaccessible starting Dec. 3, 2020. 

Individuals using Adobe Connect Meeting to host online classes and meetings should start using Zoom. Please see details below. For any existing Adobe Connect Meeting recordings you would like to keep, please download, convert or republish them as soon as possible by following the steps outlined on this page

Those using Adobe Connect Presenter should note that and the PowerPoint plug-in will no longer be available for you to create, host or publish your presentations. If you need to retain access to your content, please download your presentations and files, which can be stored and shared in other university-supported platforms such as D2L and Yuja. Please refer to this page and see below for more details.

Adobe Connect Meeting – more details:  

Adobe Connect Meeting has been replaced with Zoom for online, remote and blended course delivery at UCalgary. All course instructors should start using Zoom when creating live and recorded sessions no later than Sept. 1. For more information on how to use Zoom, refer to the “Getting started with Zoom” page

If you experience technical difficulties when downloading your existing files (see above), contact the IT Support Centre before Nov. 15 at 403.210.9300 (or 1.888.342.3802) or and include “Adobe Connect Meeting Recording Conversion” in the subject line.