Teaching Online with Top Hat

Top Hat has prepared a resource to guide you through teaching a class online using Top Hat and a videoconferencing tool such as Zoom. This article will show you how to set up Top Hat, upload your Powerpoint content, and facilitate a class using the Top Hat interface.

Teaching Online: Synchronous & Asynchronous Lectures

Using Top Hat in conjunction with other video and messaging tools can facilitate content delivery and assessment, if you have to teach remotely.  Here are some ways you can teach remotely with Top Hat:

Synchronous Teaching

  1. Livestream your lecture
  2. Launch Top Hat attendance and questions during your lecture
  3. Create a post-lecture assignment

Asynchronous Teaching

  1. Record your lecture and embed it in an assignment
  2. Open a discussion thread to capture students’ questions
  3. Share files with your students in Top Hat

Video: Creating a synchronous course in Top Hat and present it on Zoom

Video: Setting up an asynchronous online class in Top Hat