Getting Started With Gradescope

Gradescope is an assessment management tool that can be used to help gather assessments, particularly hand written ones, match them to a class roster and then simplify the grading process.

General assistance for Gradescope can be found on their getting started page and their help page. These topics cover how to use Gradescope with Brightspace / D2L.

Accessing Gradescope Through Brightspace / D2L

Gradescope is able to integrate with our Learning Management System (LMS) Brightspace / D2L, access the class roster and create grade items.

Gradescope connects to your course shell by being embedded in a module in the shell’s content. You can add Gradescope to your course under Add Existing Activities:

You will be asked to create an account. We strongly suggest you use your UCalgary e-mail account. Gradescope will then ask you to link the D2L course to either a new or an existing Gradescope course.

Once linked, you can follow Gradescope’s instructions for setting up an assignment. This will create the assignment in Gradescope and a grade item in the D2L Gradebook.

Syncing Gradescope and D2L Rosters

To share your roster in D2L with Gradescope, start at the embedded assignment as set up above. From there you can go to the Gradescope main menu by clicking the three bar menu and then Back to your course (it will fill in the name).

From the main menu, you can then go to Roster and from there to Sync D2L Brightspace Roster.

This will import all students, instructors and TAs with their appropriate role.

Note: If you have students added to or removed from the course, you will need to sync the roster again. Under the Roster, look for the More menu and then choose Sync D2L Brightspace Roster.

Publishing Grades to D2L from Gradescope

Once you have completed grading, you can publish your grades to D2L on the Review Grades page.

This will push grades from Gradescope to your D2L gradebook.

Note: While it is possible to unpublish the grades within Gradescope, it will not remove the grades from the gradebook. We suggest that you hide the grade item in the gradebook, make changes, publish the grades again and then unhide the grade item if you need to make changes.