• Processor: 2 GHz x 86 – or x64-bit dual core processor (Recommended: 2.4 GHz, Quad Core).
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB RAM (Recommended: 4 GB).
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB for install (approximately 250 MB per hour of content for temporary storage).
  • OS System requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (both 32 and 64 bit versions); Mac OS 10.10 or higher, iOS, Android.
To capture video and voice presentations, you need the following hardware:
  • Microphone (external microphone recommended for better sound quality)
  • An internal or external webcam
To have the best experience with the software, please consider the following recommendations:
  • Use the most updated browser version.
  • Enable cookies in your browser for all YuJa features to function properly.