The Classlist / Email tool allows instructors to manage information about students and to communicate with them. Here you have the essential things you need to know about this tool:

How do I print a list of my students?

A group or section membership list and class enrolment list, can be printed using the Export to Excel or CSV feature or be printed as a PDF file. Follow the instructions in the tutorial:

How do I hide the Classlist / Email tool in my Course?

The Classlist / Email feature is used by students and instructors to contact students in the class. You can hide the Classlist / Email feature to prevent students from accessing the student email address list without compromising instructor and TA access. Follow the instructions in the tutorial:

How do I send an email in D2L?

There are multiple ways to send email to users (e.g.: instructors, students, TAs, etc.) who are enrolled in your D2L course. This guide will show you preferred methods:

Teaching a credit course, but not using D2L?

If you are listed as the Instructor of Record for a graduate or undergraduate course in PeopleSoft, you may log in to My UCalgary to download, print and email via the Class Roster.

UofC video: