How do I add a TA, or another instructor to my course? 

If your TA is a current UofC staff/student, you will be able to enroll them as a TA in your D2L course.

  1. Click Communications and select Classlist.
  2. Click Add Participants and Add existing users
  3. Search for the individual you wish to add to your course.
  4. Select the checkbox left of the name, then select a role from the dropdown menu on the right. There are three TA roles available:
  • TA – Full access: has the ability to upload and modify content, work with quizzes, and enter grades.
  • TA- Grading only: allows access to grading but no ability to post content/materials, or access the communication tools.
  • TA – No grading: Only allows access to content and communication tools, no grades tools such as Dropbox, quizzes or Grades.
  • Instructor Read Only – This role is allows another instructor full viewing rights to everything in a course and the ability to copy any components of your course into their own, (excluding student information.)
  1. You may have to choose a section for the enrolment.  You can choose any section if you have multiple sections in your course, but note that it does not limit TA’s to that section.
  2. Click Enrol Selected Users.

Click here for PDF guide.


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