Top Hat allows you to synchronize with your LMS, D2L, to make it easier to communicate between the two systems. The main reasons why you might want to implement this integration are:

  • Add your student roster automatically to Top Hat from D2L
  • Push your grades from Top Hat to D2L in a few clicks
  • This is opposed to manually exporting and importing your gradebook via Excel
  • Allow students to check their Top Hat grades from either D2L or Top Hat

The following links provide a variety of resources for using Top Hat:

Online Training:

  • Go to  Type “tutorial” into the search bar.  You have the option to listen to a Recorded session, or to register for a Webinar.


Links to some helpful documentation:

Syllabus insert:

  • Syllabus Information  (be sure to remove the subscription payment section since student do not pay for subscriptions)

Top Hat Support links: