Using Chats and Blog to engage students

Chats and blogs can be used to provide an easy form of communication for students. Instructors can have this space open for students in order for them to ask questions about the course. This feature is more informal and allows for students to share ideas. 

Creating Chats 

1. In the navigation bar, click Communication.  From the dropdown menu, select Chat.

2. Select New Chat.

3. Enter the Title of the new chat (E.g. Class introduction), add a Description. Select Type of chat:  General chat (all users in the course offering will be able to participate) or Personal chat (Add or remove users from the member list and also add users from other courses to participate). Click on Create.

4. In the chat home page, click on the dropdown arrow beside the chat to either Enter ChatEditView Sessions, or Delete Chat.

5. To type in text to a chat, click on the chat, or click on Enter Chat as shown in the previous step. Enter in text in the chat box and then click Send. To exit the chat and return to the chat home page, click on Exit Chat. 

Creating a blog in D2L 

1. In the course navigation bar, click on My Tools.  From the dropdown menu, select Blog.

2. Click on New Entry.

3. Enter the Title of the new blog entry (Eg. Class introduction), add a description in the Content section. In Properties select Make entry public and Allow comments to allow students access and comment on the blog. Set the Entry Date to show when entry is available and when an entry is made. Click on Save to finish setting up the blog.

4. Click on Settings on the far-right corner of the Blog home page to access the settings below to your blog.

Instructors or Students can access Blog using the following:  

1.In the navigation bar, click on My Tools.  From the dropdown menu, select Blog. 

2. Click on Blog List, select student(s) you want to add to your Blog Watch and then click on Add. Click on Remove to remove the student from your blog watch.

3. To view a student’s blog and comment, click on Blog Watch, select the blog you want to comment on and then click on Add Comment

4. Type your comments, add documents including photos, pdfs, word files, etc., from your laptop and click on Save Comments to add your comment.  

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