How to add a SCORM File to a D2L course

Many programs such as Adobe Presenter, Articulate 360 and H5P are used to create interactive, dynamic and engaging presentations that you can import into your D2L course. When you export the files through these programs, you use a standard called SCORM. The SCORM file must be exported as a .zip file.

Adding an Adobe Presenter or Articulate 360 / Presenter SCORM file to D2L requires several steps. This tutorial assumes that you have exported the presentation as a zip file which will be unzipped after import to D2L.

1. Click Edit Course, and select Manage Files.

2. We will first create a New Folder for the zip file.

NOTE: Create a new folder every time you upload a new zip file to avoid the possibility that your existing presentations are overwritten.

3. Rename the folder and click Save.

4. Click on the folder on the left panel, select Upload and browse for your zip file.

5. Once the file has been uploaded, click Save.

6. Click on the drop-down menu and select Unzip.

7. Go to the content area and click into the Module you would like to add the presentation to. Click on the New button, then select Add from Manage Files from the drop-down menu.

8. Under Course Offering Files, click into the folder that you have created in Step 3.

9. Select the file with a name that starts with index and ends with .html and click Save.

NOTE: If there are two options, select the one with html5 in the name.

10. Once the presentation has been added, you may rename the topic title if you wish.

NOTE: It is recommended that you open the presentation in a new window to avoid any formatting or display issues.