How to Access an Adobe Connect Meeting Recording (Archive) in D2L

For information on how to access a Connect meeting recording (also known as an archive) in D2L:

After an Adobe Connect meeting as ended, the associated archive(s) will automatically appear in the course after the background synchronization service has completed. This may take a few hours.

1. In your D2L course, select the following: Communication > Online Rooms

2. Click on the drop-down menu beside the name of the meeting recording/archive that you wish to retrieve. Select View Archives.


3. Click on the link to the archive to listen to the recording.
NOTE: In order for students to be able to access the archive, the status under Visibility needs to show Public.


IMPORTANT NOTE TO INSTRUCTORS: By default, access to a meeting archive is restricted. If you wish to make it available to students, please go to the meeting archives page and change the Visibility option from Restricted to Public. (Click on the Pencil icon, select Public from the drop-down menu, then click Apply.)