Instructors use Top Hat to transform the mobile devices students already own into powerful tools for active learning. Rather than requiring students to purchase traditional classroom response systems, or “clickers,” Top Hat leverages students’ own smartphones, tablets, laptops or even SMS-based cell phones. Students can submit answers via text message or over WiFi. Since it is a web-based platform, activities can be completed during class or assigned for homework, and all of this material is stored in the cloud to use for review.

Top Hat offers a suite of features to augment the teaching and learning experience for both instructors and students. Using the platform, instructors create more than 7 different types of questions, moderate class-wide discussions, host class-wide tournaments and more.

Top Hat allows you to synchronize with your LMS, D2L, to make it easier to communicate between the two systems.

For a quick introduction to Top Hat today check out the following: