This tool helps instructors manage student signup for topics or projects. The SSM tool assigns students to projects using an algorithm that maximizes the number of students who receive their top choices. This ensures that project selection is fair, and that each student has an equal chance at getting their top choice.

Currently, the SSM is being used at the University of Calgary to:

  • Allow engineering students to choose final design projects
  • Assign nursing students to clinical placements
  • Assign education students to research topics
  • Schedule presentations in an online course

The SSM is built onto Desire2Learn, and pushes the final student assignments into Groups in D2L. The instructor can set how many students are assigned to each project, how many choices students can indicate, and when student selection opens and closes. The instructor also has the ability to manually add students to projects, or exclude students if necessary.  For instructions on how to use this tool, download the PDF or watch the tutorial video.

For more videos from the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, Educational Development Unit, go to UCalgary Taylor Institute Channel.


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