When did the D2L change happen?
  • Friday, May 4, 2018, 6:00pm
Did we switch another learning environment?
  • No.  D2L, also known as Brightspace and Desire2Learn, will continue to be used at the University of Calgary.
D2L, Desire2Learn, Brightspace — which is it?
  • You may have heard our learning environment referred to in a number of ways — but they all mean the same thing. We will just call it D2L going forward.
What changed?
  • D2L got a New Look.  Core functionality within courses remain the same.  The change was mostly cosmetic.
Where can I learn more about this New Look?
What is this thing called the Daylight Experience?
  • Daylight is the new, responsive interface.  On campus, we are simply referring to it as the “D2L New Look”
Why are we changing the look of D2L?
  • The new interface will make D2L more mobile-friendly and accessible.  Built using responsive design, D2L will automatically adapt to different screen sizes to provide a better user experience on computers, tablets, and smartphones.
What accessibility standards does the New Look (Daylight) target?
  • The New Look (Daylight) will follow WCAG 2.0 Level AA requirements, which aligns well with accessibility laws and requirements across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. Learn more.
I don’t see the “Select a course” menu at the top anymore. Where did it go?
  • The “Select a course” menu has been replaced with the waffle-looking “Course selector” icon near the top right-hand corner

I have access to many courses. How do I get the most important ones to show up under the “My Courses” widget on the homepage?
  • Click on the waffle “Course Selector” icon, browse for desired course, then click on the Pin button on the right. Pinned courses will display on the D2L homepage and top of your list when you click on the waffle icon.
I am an instructor and I do not like the image/ banner that is randomly assigned to my D2L course. How do I change it?
What happened to the Content Browser widget that used to be in some of my courses?
  • The Content Browser widget has been removed from credit courses to improve usability.  To access course materials, click on the Content tab on the navbar.
What if I have a question about D2L that isn’t answered here?