Effective on-line learning experiences depend on the commitment of each user to engage in learning and teaching activities in ways that respect other students and instructors in accordance with relevant laws and University of Calgary policies and regulations.

  1. I understand that the privacy of other users is paramount. Sharing email addresses or other personal information with anyone who is not a member of the class is not permitted.
  1. I understand that I may download or print a copy of course materials posted on D2L for my own personal study and research only. I will not provide any course materials to a third party.
  1. I understand that I anything I post to D2L must be copyright compliant.
  1. I understand that sending messages through D2L to class members or instructors on behalf an external business interest, organization, or individual is not permitted.
  1. I understand that respectful communication is essential to an effective learning environment. I will be respectful in how I interact using D2L communication tools (e.g, in the ways I express my ideas, not arranging social events that are unrelated to course activities; not using course communication tools to ask for other students’ class notes).

I acknowledge that misuse of D2L may result in penalties/sanctions under academic or student non-academic misconduct policies, or in substantial fines under external legislation.